Early Childhood Nutrition

taught by Annie Hall
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Annie Hall
Annie Hall
Chief Executive Office - Director of Early Childhood Education

About the Instructor

Annie Hall has collaborated with her team of Early Childhood Educators. Annie has her Masters in Early Childhood from Griffith University, and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. Annie has worked in the Early Childhood Industry for over 19 years with 17 years as a Manager. 

Annie's previous experience as a Regional Manager, ensured that her early childhood settings went through Assessment and Rating over twenty times. Previously, Annie had been through Accreditation ten times.

Annie is passionate in Sustainability and advocating for the Rights of the Child.


This course focuses on ensuring that Early Childhood Educators understand the importance of nutrition in an Early Childhood setting, facility, and centre. With an ever-increasing epidemic of childhood obesity, healthy eating, and nutrition is an integral part of the Early Childhood Program. Educators and their Managers should continue to understand the importance of healthy eating, as well as guidelines for providing healthy options to children throughout the day. Educators and their Managers should also be able to guide children who exhibit difficult eating behaviour, as well as continue to be important role-models to children and their families.


On successful completion of this course, Early Childhood Educators should be able to:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of healthy eating;
  • Understand dietary guidelines;
  • Adapt the dietary guidelines to suit their menu and their day to day serving of food
  • Educate families on the importance of healthy eating
  • Encourage children who exhibit difficulty in eating food during meal times

Course Contents

1 Quiz
10 Texts
2.0 hrs